2019 QA Requirements Now Available

July 17, 2019

The 2019 Professional Development (PD) Plan, 2019 Self-Assessment (SA) and 2019 Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP) are now available in MyQA.

To access the requirements, log in and select MyQA.    

  • The PREP is due October 31, 2019. The topic for this year’s PREP is: Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement Through an OT Lens.
  • The SA is due October 31, 2019. Log in to MyQA to confirm the due date of your next SA. SAs are due every other year or recommended when a change in practice occurs.
  • The PD Plan must be marked complete by May 31, 2020. Start setting your 2019 PD Plan goals now and work on them over the 2019 registration year.

Questions about your QA requirements? Please view the College's Finding Your Way in MyQA resource page or contact