New Guide to Controlled Acts and Delegation in Effect August 1, 2017

July 25, 2017
The new Guide to Controlled Acts and Delegation will come into effect August 1, 2017. The Guide replaces the Guidelines for Controlled Acts and Delegation, 2000.

The Guide is intended to help OTs interpret and apply the legislation related to controlled acts within the context of their practice.

In the revised Guide you will find:

  • all controlled acts including psychotherapy, which is not yet proclaimed
  • references to legislation that permits OTs to perform controlled acts
  • clarification about the differences between delegation and assignment of activities
  • direction on the delegation process
  • College recommendations for which acts are appropriate and not appropriate for OTs to accept delegation to perform
  • record keeping requirements for documenting the receipt of delegation and performance of controlled acts

For any questions about the Guide to Controlled Acts and Delegation or how the guide applies to your practice, please contact