January 26, 2017 Council Meeting Highlights

February 01, 2017

January 26, 2017 Council Meeting Highlights

Strategic Planning
Council President Jane Cox presented the proposed 2017-2020 strategic framework, which was unanimously accepted. The framework, which will be in effect as of June 1, 2017, presents three areas of focus: confidence in occupational therapy regulation, quality practice by occupational therapists, and system impact through collaboration. Watch for further information in the coming months.

Patient Ombudsman Christine Elliott
Patient Ombudsman Christine Elliott shared her presentation ‘Bridging the Healthcare Gaps: Our Journey So Far’. Council welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the Ombudsman role and the goal of influencing positive change in the health care sector.

Professor Zubin Austin & Quality Assurance
Through his thought-provoking presentation ‘If “competence” is the answer…have we asked the right question?’, University of Toronto Professor Zubin Austin challenged Council to consider the opportunities for regulators to redefine competency.

Bylaw Amendment
Council agreed to circulate proposed bylaw amendments related to reporting and publishing registrant information on the public register located at Find an OT. Proposed bylaw amendments will be circulated for public consultation and feedback in early 2017.

Council also approved circulation of proposed bylaw amendments that were the result of a comprehensive review of all bylaws to ensure consistency, relevancy, and effectiveness in supporting the staff, Council, Committees, and other College stakeholders in fulfilling their duties. Proposed bylaw amendments will be circulated for public consultation and feedback in early 2017. For those sections of the bylaws that are not required to be circulated to registrants (sections 1 – 16 and 22 – 24) Council approved the proposed amendments and these amendments will be incorporated into the bylaws. 

Posting of Council Meeting Packages on the College Website
In the interest of increased transparency, the College will begin posting complete Council meeting packages on the College website in advance of Council meetings. Agendas, highlights, and meeting minutes are currently available at Council Meetings and Materials.