January 31, 2019 Council Highlights

February 04, 2019
College Council met on January 31, 2019.

Vision 2020: Modernizing the College of Nurses of Ontario’s Governance

The College of Nurses (CNO) spoke with College Council about their vision for modernizing College governance. The CNO’s Vision 2020 is to ensure the College’s board remains an effective leader in building the public’s trust and focuses on the public’s needs and interests.

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College Performance Measurement Framework

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care shared an overview of the performance measurement framework that will be applied to all Colleges. The Framework aims to provide a consistent approach to measuring the success of health regulatory Colleges in fulfilling their public protection function.

Roundtable: Governance Discussion

Council discussed outcomes of the October 2018 education day and plans for next steps related to regulatory modernization.

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