March 28, 2019 Council Highlights

April 02, 2019
Guidelines for Private Practice

The Guidelines for Private Practice (formerly the Guide to Independent Practice) were approved and will be released later this spring. Until the release, the 2013 Guide to Independent Practice remains in effect.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is a public protection measure that ensures there is a means of compensation in the case of loss or injury as a result of occupational therapy service. All OTs, regardless of area of practice or practice status, must have professional liability insurance that meets the College’s requirements. Insurance monitoring and follow-up action by the College have resulted in improved compliance. Results were shared and discussed. Find information about professional liability insurance.

Quality Assurance

An overview of the processes used to assess occupational therapists’ practice was presented as well as an update on next steps in the development of a risk-based assessment program. The quality assurance (QA) program is one of the ways the College ensures OTs are competent to practice. Read about the QA program. 

Council Education

Sessions on both fiduciary duties and the role of statutory Committees were provided to Council. Learn more about the role of Council and the College statutory Committees.

College Governance

A working group will be established to move forward next steps related to governance modernization.

Building Awareness

A pilot digital campaign to build understanding of the role of the College in public protection was shared. Watch the video.

Farewell and Welcome to Council Members

The College recognized the contribution of outgoing Council members Serena Shastri-Estrada and Julie Chiba Branson for their years of service to public protection. The College welcomed new Council members Deborah Hebert, Aruna Mitra, and Michelle Stinson and public member Allan Freedman.

Election of Officers

The election of Council officers was conducted. Congratulations to our new Council executive: Julie Entwistle (President), Jeannine Girard-Pearlman (Vice-President), Peter Shenfield (Member at Large, Finance), and Donna Barker (Member at Large, Education).

Learn how the College Council works to protect the public.