New Guidelines for Telepractice in Occupational Therapy in Effect

November 21, 2017
The College has released new Guidelines for Telepractice in Occupational Therapy.

Using information and communication technologies to deliver health care services when a client and occupational therapist are in different physical locations is considered telepractice.

The new Guidelines address:

  • Jurisdiction – regulatory requirements for Ontario OTs delivering telepractice service to clients who reside in Ontario and outside Ontario
  • Risk Management – understanding the risks and benefits of telepractice and setting expectations with clients
  • Confidentiality, Privacy and Access – taking reasonable measures to ensure the privacy of personal health information when using information and communication technologies
  • Ethics and Standards – Consistent with all other methods of service delivery, OTs are required to be ethical and apply the standards of practice when using telepractice for occupational therapy service delivery.

View the Guidelines under Standards and Resources.

The Guidelines come into effect immediately and replace Telepractice:Information for Occupational Therapists Providing Telehealth Service, 2001 and Telehealth: Information for Consumers of Occupational Therapy Telehealth Services, 2001.

Please contact the College’s Practice Resource Service with any questions at or 416.214.1177/1.800.890.6570 ext 240.