Opportunity at the College: Quality Assurance Competency Assessment Lead

May 09, 2022

The College is seeking an occupational therapist to join the College as the Quality Assurance Competency Assessment Lead. The Lead will coordinate the QA peer assessor program.

The Lead is responsible for the competency evaluations of the registrants and ensuring that the peer assessment program is coordinated efficiently and effectively from start to finish.

Additional responsibilities include collecting and preparing information for the Quality Assurance Committee. The Lead is an integral team member responsible for establishing, maintaining, and coordinating key components of this process. 

Key functions and responsibilities include:

  • Collecting, evaluating, and reporting on the results of the effectiveness of the peer assessment process to ensure quality.
  • Acting as a ‘point person’ for OTs participating in competency assessment and providing consultation and resources, maintaining orientation resources and educational tools.
  • Coordinating the multiphase aspects of competency assessment by developing and maintaining the database(s) and tracking of documents and files to efficiently monitor the status of each OT participating in the process.
  • Monitoring OT’s compliance with the mandatory requirements of the QA Program and identifying OTs who are in ‘non-compliance’ for processing, follow-up and Committee review.
  • Participating in the Quality Assurance Committee and the Quality Assurance Sub-committee by facilitating meetings, preparing materials, and delivering project development updates.
  • Facilitating educational and outreach events to showcase competency assessment/QA program.

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The QA Competency Assessment Lead works closely with the manager, committee, administrative staff, peer assessors, and registrants.

Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and organization skills are required in this role. Being responsive to multiple stakeholders is central.

We are a growing and dynamic organization with friendly, engaged staff in a collaborative work environment. The College recognizes work-life balance as fundamental to the health and wellbeing of its employees.

The College is currently operating on a hybrid onsite and teleworking model.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 27, 2022.