Top 5 QA Questions Answered

May 01, 2019
Top 5 QA Questions Answered

1 Which QA requirements are due on May 31?
Your 2018 Professional Development (PD) Plan is due by May 31, 2019. You should have opened your 2018 PD Plan when it was available in MyQA in June 2018, noted your progress throughout the year and now be ready to mark it complete by May 31, 2019. Log in and select MyQA to access your PD plan.

Once you complete your PD Plan, the system updates your MyQA page with 'completed' status and a green dot. If you see 'completed' and a green dot, you have met your requirement. The system will update due dates in June 2019.
Professional Development Plan

2 I just completed my Self-Assessment (SA). Why is my next due date 2020 and not 2021?
The SA currently available is the 2018 SA. Completion of the 2018 SA will result in the next due date showing as 2020.

The 2019 SA will be available in June 2019.

You are only required to complete an SA once every two years, though you are welcome to complete as many as you like.

If you have questions, please contact

3 Do I mark my PD Plan complete if I have ongoing goals?
Yes. Whether or not your goals are ongoing, you need to mark your plan complete by the May 31, 2019 deadline. If you have goals that are ongoing, enter the information into each field on your PD Plan goal setting page, then indicate your goal is “ongoing” in the drop-down menu.
QA Ongoing

4 Can I carry over my PD Plan goals from year to year?
No, the system will not automatically carry over your goals from year to year. Any ongoing goals established from previous years will need to be added to a new PD Plan (available June 2019).

Note: MyQA was designed to support reflective goal setting each year. You should review your ongoing goals from the previous year and consider the types of goals required to improve and grow within your role. Using SMART principles can help you with your goal setting. Learn more.

5 Do I need to complete my QA requirements if I am on a maternity leave, on a leave from work, or not currently working?
Yes. If you are registered with the College you are required to complete all your annual QA requirements. As a self-reflective practitioner, you are expected to engage in self-assessment, goal setting, and ongoing education. Contact if you have further questions.

To learn more, please visit Finding Your Way in MyQA.