Watch: "5 Tips to Complete Your PREP"

September 26, 2019

In our latest video Sonia Mistry, Quality Assurance Project Lead provides 5 tips for completing your 2019 Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP): Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement Through an OT Lens. The 2019 PREP is due October 31, 2019.

5 Tips for Completing Your PREP

1. Give yourself time. There are 119 slides and you need to spend time on each one.

2. Ensure you have a strong consistent internet connection.

3. Before you exit, make sure you click the logout button. If you step away from your computer your session may time-out so be sure to logout. When you return, log back in and continue. This will help to ensure your work will be saved. 

4. Spend a minimum of 2 seconds on every single slide. If you download and review the PDF, you still need to log in and spend 2 seconds on every slide online.

5. If you see a green dot and the word "completed", you've met your PREP requirement.

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