elderly patient with occupational therapist

All occupational therapists must participate in the Quality Assurance (QA) program.

The purpose of the Quality Assurance program is:

  • to measure occupational therapists’ knowledge and performance to ensure they are meeting the Competencies and Standards for Practice.
  • to support registrants’ improved practice by providing coaching, tools and resources, and feedback
  • to assist registrants to improve their skills so they can provide safe, effective, ethical care.

    The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 requires the College to have a Quality Assurance program to support the mandate to protect the public.

The Quality Assurance program includes:

Quality Assurance Program Changes During the Pandemic

As the QA program is a legal requirement of the College’s public protection mandate, it is not possible to halt the program during the pandemic. Registrant participation in the program remains an important part of public protection.

Some changes to the QA Program made during the pandemic include postponed deadlines, deferring participation for registrants with extenuating circumstances, and allowing some of the program to be optional instead of required.  Peer and Practice Assessments (PPA) were pivoted to virtual versus in-person to improve efficiency and safety for all involved.

Do you have questions? Contact us: qaprogram@coto.org