occupational therapists collaborating Every year in June, occupational therapists (OTs) access and complete their annual QA requirements by logging into a member-protected part of the College’s website called MyQA. View the Finding your way in MyQA page for more information.

Self-assessment (SA): OTs must complete a self-assessment every other year by October 31. They should do it more often if there is a change in their practice. They reflect on what they know and what they need to learn or improve. The assessment is based on the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada, Third Edition.

Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP): OTs must complete a PREP each year by October 31. This is an e-learning module that enhances OTs’ knowledge of the Essential Competencies and Standards of Practice and professional expectations. You can view archived PREPs on the College website.

Professional Development (PD) Plan: Every year by May 31, OTs write down their learning goals and the steps they have taken towards achieving them. They document their progress throughout the year.