Here are some tips to help you navigate the College’s Quality Assurance site MyQA.

Due Dates

What are the due dates for QA requirements?

Self-Assessment (SA): October 31, 2018

OTs must complete a self-assessment between June and October 31 every other year, or when a change in practice occurs. 

Professional Development Plan (PD Plan): May 31, 2018

OTs must complete their PD Plan between June and May 31 every year.

Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP): October 31, 2018

OTs must complete the PREP between June and October 31 every year.

Your PD Plan is due May 31 and your Self-Assessment and PREP are due October 31. The SA and PREP require reflection on practice. Through this reflection, you may identify further learning needs, which you may add to your PD Plan as goals. You are encouraged to start your PD Plan when it is released and work towards accomplishing your goals over the course of the year.

"Closed" in MyQA Status

What does “closed” status mean in MyQA? 

A closed status means a requirement (SA, PD Plan or PREP) has not been completed by the due date you no longer have access to complete. Once an SA or a PD Plan has been closed you will only have access to a summary of information completed by the closed date. You will not have access to any summaries related to your PREP.

As per the College’s Compliance with Quality Assurance Program Requirements policy, a closed status may result in follow-up from the College.

Past and Present QA Requirements

Where is the Practice Development (PD) Portal? 

The PD Portal closed on May 31, 2017 and has been replaced with MyQA, which is accessed through the member login.

Where can I access the current QA requirements? 

You can access your 2018 QA requirements (Self-Assessment (SA), Professional Development Plan (PD Plan) and Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP) by logging in and selecting MyQA.

Can I find my own personal due dates for each requirement? 

MyQA displays the due dates attached to your unique login. As you complete each QA requirement, the system will automatically update your due dates.

Where can I find my completed QA requirements? 

You can access a record of your 2012-2017 requirements with their completion status in MyQA. If you did not open a requirement in any given year, there will be no record of the requirement. If you opened a requirement and did not complete it, it will be recorded with a closed status.

You can no longer access the content of your 2012 - 2016 SA, PD Plan or PREP.

Will I be able to access copies of my completed QA requirements in MyQA? 

Yes. A read-only summary of your Self-Assessment and PD Plan completed in 2017 and forward will be available through MyQA. Click on the History link below each requirement and then select the Year column to access the read-only summary.

You can also select MyQA Full History, located at the bottom of MyQA, to access a complete list of all completed requirements.


How do I know if I should complete the clinical or non-clinical self-assessment? 

Your practice is defined as clinical if you are seeing at least one client during the current registration year.

Which self-assessment should I complete if I am in a mixed practice? 

If you are in a mixed practice role and are seeing at least one client during the current registration year, you should complete the clinical self-assessment.

You may also choose to complete the non-clinical self-assessment once your clinical self-assessment has been marked complete. You cannot open more than one requirement of any type at the same time.

What if I require access to a French version of the Self-Assessment? 

The Self-Assessment is based on the Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada. A French version of the Self-Assessment is not available at this time. You may wish to consider reviewing Les Compétences Essentielles à la pratique pour les ergothérapeutes au Canada - 3e édition while completing your SA. Please contact us at if you require further information.

Can I do more than one Self-Assessment per year? 

Yes. As long as you mark a Self-Assessment complete, you will be able to access a new Self-Assessment. OTs are encouraged to complete a new self-assessment any time there is a change to their role or scope of practice. Your due dates are based on the registration year. You can complete any number of SAs per registration year and your due date will be October 31 two years later.

How does the rating scale work? 

The Self-Assessment rating scale is loosely based on Miller’s pyramid of clinical competence.

1. I have basic knowledge of this competency.
2. I have basic knowledge of this competency and understand how it applies to my practice.
3. I can demonstrate this competency if required.
4. I consistently apply this competency in my practice.

You may find you rate yourself at different levels (1-4) at different points in your OT career depending on such factors as: your experience (new grad / entry level practice), a recent change in practice area, working in a practice area that does not require you to consistently perform or demonstrate a specific competency and so on. The Self-Assessment is your opportunity to reflect on your current knowledge and skills in each competency to determine if there may be areas that require some additional focus or learning.

How do I complete my Self-Assessment if I’m registered with the College but on a leave, or currently not working? 

The Self-Assessment is designed to help you reflect on your level of knowledge for each competency, at the time you are completing it. Though you may be on leave, or currently not working, you still have a responsibility to ensure you are knowledgeable about College expectations, professional responsibilities and the essential competencies of practice. Using the “priority for learning” drop-down menu may help you to select competencies that might be a lower priority for learning given your current situation.

Why does the status on my Self-Assessment indicate “Not Started” even though I completed it and my dates changed? 

Once you complete your Self-Assessment the status will return to “Not Started” to allow you to complete any additional Self-Assessments if you choose to do so. As long as your “Last Completed” date and “Due Date” are correct, you have met your requirement.

Professional Development Plan

What are SMART goals? 

SMART goals are a way of framing your learning goals to enable success.

The acronym SMART stands for:


Examples of SMART goals:

To improve my interactions with patients in the hospital, I will successfully complete a communications course for health care professionals by April 30, 2018. After the course, I will share knowledge and skills gained with the rest of the OT team through a lunch-and-learn presentation.

I will enhance my knowledge of therapeutic surfaces to apply to decisions when providing care to patients at risk of developing pressure sores. To do this, by March 2018, I will engage with at least 2 local vendors for an in-service and conduct a literature review on at least 2 recent articles published for occupational therapy practice.

I will improve my knowledge of my organization's privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures by liaising with the privacy officer. I will review at least one relevant procedure/policy/protocol and write a summary of how it affects my practice by December 2017.

How many goals must I create for my Professional Development (PD) Plan? 

You are required to complete a minimum of 2 SMART goals up to a maximum of 5 SMART goals each year for your PD Plan.

What if I mark my PD plan as complete and wish to add more goals before the due date? 

If you identify additional goals after you have marked your PD Plan complete and have fewer than the maximum 5 goals, you will need to contact to re-open your PD Plan.

You could also choose to make note of your additional goals and add them to your plan for next year.

Can I copy and paste my ongoing goals to next year’s PD Plan? 

No. MyQA does not allow you to copy and paste ongoing goals to next year’s PD Plan. Next year’s plan will not be released until June of the following year. You do have the option to view your goals at any time from your completed “read only” summary of your PD Plan. You are encouraged to then reflect on any ongoing goals to determine if they are still relevant for the following year and then add or update for next year as required.

Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP)

Where can I find previous PREP modules? 

You can find PDF versions of the 2008 - 2016 PREP Modules under A-Z Resources on the College website.

What if I get answers incorrect on my PREP? 

The College monitors completion status, not individual scores. The PREP is designed to engage you in a learning process to clarify professional expectations and identify any potential learning gaps.


How do I save my work? 

Your progress will be saved if you click previous, next or save on any page.

Which browser should I use to access MyQA? 

MyQA should function in any of the more common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari). Ensure you are using the most current version of your browser and the most current version of Flash Player. If you are experiencing technical challenges you may try switching to a different browser.

Can I access MyQA using my mobile device, or tablet? 

Yes. MyQA has been designed to work on mobile devices and tablets. Ensure you are connected to the Internet at all times. If using a mobile device, your device may “jump” from using one WiFi connection to another (even without you realizing it). This “jumping” or disruption in connectivity can cause your answers to not be saved. A hard-wired connection is recommended. If you are experiencing technical challenges you may try switching to using a laptop, or PC.

Registration & QA Requirements

Do I need to complete my QA requirements if I resigned my certificate? 

No. If you are not registered with the College, you are not required to fulfill any Quality Assurance requirements.

When I go on maternity leave or take a leave of absence from work do I have to complete my QA requirements?  

That depends.

If you go on maternity leave and resign your certificate of registration, you are not required to fulfill any Quality Assurance requirements during the time you are not registered.

If you maintain your registration with the College during your leave, you are required to fulfill all your Quality Assurance requirements like all other OTs.

Do I need to complete my QA requirements if I am currently unemployed?  

The College’s Quality Assurance program is designed to be applicable to all OTs. If you feel you are currently unable to complete your QA requirements for any reason, contact to discuss your specific situation. The College will review your request and provide direction on your requirements.

I am currently on a medical leave. Do I need to complete my QA requirements? 

If you feel you are currently unable to complete your QA requirements, contact to discuss your specific situation. The College will review your request and determine if you qualify for a one-time exemption or deferral. Requests are considered on a case by case basis.


I am practicing in a non-clinical OT role. Do I need to complete my QA requirements? 

Yes. All Ontario OTs are required to participate in the College’s Quality Assurance program, which is mandated by law.

Do I need to complete my QA requirements if I am a new registrant? 

No. You are not required to complete your requirements (SA, PD Plan, or PREP) in your first year of registration with the College. You are encouraged to log in and familiarize yourself with MyQA and your requirements. Mandatory completion begins in your second year of registration with the College. You can verify your personal due dates by logging into MyQA.

Can I complete my QA requirements as a group with other OTs? 

Yes, you can work on QA requirements as a group with other OTs. Each OT is required to complete their own requirements in MyQA.

When I complete my requirements will the College be able to see everything?  

Yes. Once you complete your requirements, College staff will be able to review the content to confirm completion.

The College will be monitoring completion for all OTs. We encourage you to read all College emails and visit the website to view reminders and updates on the program.

I don't have enough time to complete all my QA requirements. Am I eligible to receive a due date extension?  

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances impacting your ability to complete your QA requirements it is best to contact prior to the due dates to discuss your specific situation. The College will review such requests on a case by case basis.

I did not complete my QA requirements by the due date. Will I automatically be selected to participate in the College’s Competency Review and Evaluation (CRE) process? 

At this time, a closed status on any of your QA requirements will not automatically result in selection for the CRE process. CRE participants are randomly selected each year. Should you be randomly selected to participate in the CRE process, a closed status for QA requirements would be taken into consideration as part of the overall review process.

As per the College’s new Compliance with Quality Assurance Program Requirements policy, OTs who do not complete all requirements by required due dates may be referred to the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee for non-compliance. The QA Committee may take different actions including, but not limited to: assignment of education and remediation, assignment of a peer and practice assessment and/or a referral to the Investigations, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) for review.

Questions? For technical issues, please contact or 1.800.890.6570/416.214.1177 ext. 236. For questions about your QA requirements, please contact or 1.800.890.6570/416-214-1177 ext. 239.

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