Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Registrants use the Professional Development Plan to document learning and development goals and the steps they have taken to complete them.

  • Open Date: June 1
  • Due Date: May 31

Self-Assessment (SA)

Registrants use the Self Assessment (SA) to reflect on the required Competencies. Occupational therapists complete an SA every other year, or if there is a change in their practice. There are two versions available, one for clinical and one for non-clinical practice.

  • Open Date: June 1
  • Due Date: October 31

Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP)

Registrants use this eLearning module to enhance knowledge of the  Competencies, Standards for Practice, and professional expectations. Past PREPs can be accessed in our PREP archive.

  • Open Date: June 1
  •  Due Date: October 31st

Registrants complete the Quality Assurance program requirements in the College’s online platform MyQA. Answers to frequent questions about MyQA are available online.

After May 31st the QA requirements for the previous registration year close and the new tools become available. 

Note on QA Program Changes During the Pandemic

As the Quality Assurance (QA) program is a legal requirement of the College’s public protection mandate, it is not possible to halt the program during the pandemic. Registrant participation in the program remains an important part of public protection.

Some changes to the Quality Assurance Program made during the pandemic include postponed deadlines, deferring participation for registrants with extenuating circumstances, and allowing some of the program to be optional instead of required.  Peer and Practice Assessments (PPA) were pivoted to virtual versus in-person to improve efficiency and safety for all involved.

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