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Occupational therapists have obligations to ensure safe,quality practice and so do their employers. Resources in this section of the website help employers understand when and how to report to the College about practice or behaviour that could put the public at risk.

View information about mandatory reports, the requirements and processes for making a report, and legal obligations for employers to ensure employees are not engaged in unauthorized practice.

Confirm OT Registration Status Online

Employers can take steps to ensure that prospective employees are registered with the College before they begin work. Find an Occupational Therapist contains the most up-to-date publicly available information about registered occupational therapists in Ontario.

To confirm the registration status of a prospective employee, click Find an Occupational Therapist and fill in one or more of the search fields. Employers are encouraged to contact the Registration Program staff by telephone or email if they have any questions regarding this process or the registration status of an individual.

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