As a part of our mandate, the College develops or revises regulations, policies, standards and practice guidelines necessary to regulate the profession.

This process often includes an amount of time where we consult with the public, members of the profession, other health regulatory colleges, professional associations and educators.

The College carefully considers all feedback. Your input helps us understand the effectiveness and impact of proposed changes, and make sure decisions are being made in the public interest.

Current Consultation

There are no current consultations.

Recent Consultations

Standards for Consent Consultation

Our consultation on the revised Standards for Consent closed August 12, 2016.  Please watch What's New on the home page for updates.

The revisions to the Standards were intended to address the frequently asked questions and clarify expectations for occupational therapy practice. Changes of note:

  • Integration of Consent for Assessment & Consent for Intervention into Consent for OT Service
  • Consent for OT Service includes assessment, treatment and consultation.
  • More detail about the Personal Health Information Act, 2004 and 'knowledgeable consent'
  • Introduction of Third Party Referrals and Independent Evaluations
  • Definitions of key terms incorporated into the Glossary

Bylaw Consultation

On March 31, 2016 Council passed the proposed bylaw amendments to publish more information on the public register under Find an Occupational Therapist. The revised bylaws will be effective as of January 1, 2017. Thank you for your feedback and contributions on this important initiative. You can access the amended bylaw text in PDF format in English or French.

Transparency Consultation

In 2015, the College consulted with the public, registrants and other stakeholders about further steps to improve transparency and help people make informed decisions about choosing a health professional. Read more about these initiatives on the College’s transparency web page.