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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of community spread, the College is operating virtually, until further notice. The physical office space at 20 Bay Street is currently closed.

Please contact us at or 1-800-890-6570 or check the directory below for specific information.

The College is only able to accept mail delivered by Canada Post at this time. No in-person deliveries can be accommodated until further notice. To avoid processing delays, we encourage submission of documents via email if possible.  Please review the directory below for program area contact information.

College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario
20 Bay Street,
Suite 900, PO Box 78
Toronto, ON, M5J 2N8

Phone: 416.214.1177
Toll-Free: 1.800.890.6570
Fax: 416.214.1173

General Inquiries: or x236

If you need help finding an occupational therapist or require immediate attention, please press 0.

Practice Related Inquiries: or x240

Note: Please be patient with us as we are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails related to COVID-19. 


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We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The College staff contact list can be found below.

Staff Contact List

Executive Office

Elinor Larney, Registrar
Phone: 416.214.1177 x233
(Contact Elinor for stakeholder relations and regulatory matters)

Julie Entwistle, Deputy Registrar
Phone: 416.214.1177 x225

Stamatis Kefalianos, Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Phone: 416.214.117 x259

Timothy Mbugua, Policy Analyst
Phone: 416.214.1177 x246
(Contact Tim for any questions regarding College bylaws and policies)

Andjelina Stanier, Executive Assistant - Executive Office
Phone: 416.214.1177 x232

Olena Repekha, Executive Assistant - Deputy Registrar
Phone: 416.214.1177 x258

Investigations & Resolutions                         Confidential Fax Number:

Aoife Coghlan, Manager, Investigations and Resolutions
Phone: 416.214.1177 x223

Adrita Shah Noor, Case Manager, Investigations and Resolutions
Phone: 416.214.1177 x 253

Carli DiMinni, Investigations and Resolutions Coordinator
Phone: 416.214.1177 x234
(Contact Carli for any questions about the complaints process)

Nithusa Nithi, Investigations and Resolutions Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x247


Nancy Stevenson, Director of Communications
Phone: 416.214.1177 x251
(Contact Nancy for any communications and media inquiries)

Yvonne Leung, Communications Coordinator
Phone: 416.214.1177 x257
(Contact Yvonne for any communications inquiries)

David Pham, Information and Resource Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x236
(Contact David for help finding an occupational therapist, general information, password reset requests, and help using MyQA)

Corporate Services

Nabila Mohammed, Director of Finance & Corporate Services
Phone: 416.214.1177 x226
(Contact Nabila for finance, human resources, IT, and operations matters)

Aida Da Silva, Finance and Human Resources Coordinator
(Contact Aida for accounts receivable and human resources matters)

Enrique Hidalgo, IT Specialist

Sarah Karas, Office Administration Junior Associate
(Contact Sarah for office administration inquiries, deliveries and accounts payable)

Practice Support                         Practice Resource Line:
416.214.1177 x240

Sandra Carter, Practice Consultant
Phone: 416.214.1177 x241
(Contact Sandra with any questions related to the practice of occupational therapists)

Lesley Krempulec, Practice Consultant
Phone: 416.214.1177 x248
(Contact Lesley with any questions related to the practice of occupational therapists)

Quality Assurance                         Confidential Fax Number:

Seema Sindwani, Manager, Quality Assurance
Phone: 416.214.1177 x227
(Contact Seema for any inquiries related to MyQA, Quality Assurance Program changes and policies)

Sonia Mistry, Quality Assurance Project Lead
Phone: 416.214.1177 x221
(Contact Sonia for any questions about annual QA requirements)

Suzanne MacGillivray, Quality Assurance Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x239
(Contact Suzanne for any issues related to MyQA)

Registration                         Confidential Fax Number:

Brandi Park, Manager, Registration
Phone: 416.214.1177 x229

Sue Price, Registration Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x224
(Contact Sue with inquiries related to registration or if you are a Canadian-educated applicant)

Idil Sofia Egeh, Registration Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x228
(Contact Idil with professional corporation inquiries or if you are an internationally educated applicant)

Karina Guerra, Registration Associate
Phone: 416.214.1177 x254