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Why Run for Election to Council?

Members of the Council represent the public interest in decision-making. The Council is made up of members of the occupational therapy profession and members of the public who are appointed by the government of Ontario.

The Council sets the strategy for the College and makes decisions to ensure the public receives ethical, competent care from Ontario’s OTs.

Involvement on Council provides OTs with rewarding opportunities to contribute to both public protection and the future of the occupational therapy profession.

Council members are expected to attend four full-day Council meetings every year and serve on at least one Statutory Committee. Learn more about College Council and Committees

If you have questions about Council elections, please email Andjelina Stanier, Executive Assistant – Executive Office, at


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The electoral district in which a registrant is eligible to vote is the district in which, on the date of the election, the registrant principally practices, or if the registrant is not engaged in the practice of occupational therapy, is the district in which, on that day, the registrant principally resides.

The registrant is entitled to vote in an election if the registrant holds a valid general practising or provisional practising certificate of registration.


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No less than fifteen days prior to the election, every registrant of the College who is eligible to vote in the district where the election is being held will receive:

  •  a list of eligible candidates and their biographies,
  •  a ballot (or equivalent if voting will be done electronically), and
  •  instructions for voting and the deadline for receipt of ballots.

The electronic voting email will be sent to you from a College vendor called ‘Big Pulse’. They specialize in secure, protected e-voting services. The email ‘From’ line will appear as if the message is being sent by and will include a subject line notifying members of the election.

IMPORTANT: To receive your voting instructions, the College must have your unique email address on record. Log in through the website to verify or update your email address online. Make sure your information is up-to-date so you don’t miss important correspondence.

All registrants are required to provide the College with a unique email address and notify the College of a change to that email within 30 days of that change.


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A completed nomination form must be received by the College of Occupational Therapists no later than thirty days before the election.

Three nominators are required for each nominee and each nominator’s name, city/town, email, and College registration number must be submitted. To look up a registration number, please visit Find an Occupational Therapist.

Note: At least 3 registrants must support the nomination and be eligible to vote in the electoral district of the nominee. Candidates are advised to first communicate with the 3 registrants whom they wish to second their nomination before completing the e-nomination process.

Each nominator must be registered with the College and be eligible to vote in the same electoral district as the candidate.

The electoral district in which a registrant is eligible to vote is the district in which, on the date of election, the registrant principally practices, or if temporarily not engaged in the practice of occupational therapy, in which the registrant principally resides.

All nominations received by the College are treated as “potential” nominations until they have been reviewed and approved by the Registrar as having met the eligibility criteria set out in the bylaws of the College. Please see the College’s bylaws.


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A registrant is eligible for election to Council if he or she:

is a registrant of the College
is working in occupational therapy in the electoral district in which he or she is nominated, or if the registrant is temporarily not working in occupational therapy, resides in the electoral district for which he or she is nominated
is not in default of payment for any fees
is not the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding
has not had his or her registration certificate revoked or suspended in the six years preceding the date of the election
is not subject to a term, condition or limitation imposed by a panel of the Discipline or Fitness to Practise Committees
has not been the subject of an informal disposition or resolution with the College in the six years preceding the date of the election
is not a director, officer or employee of a voluntary organization of occupational therapists
on or after April 1, 2016, has not been within the previous six years, an employee of the College.

In addition:

a court or other lawful authority (unless it has been reversed on appeal or judicial review) has not made a finding of guilt against the Registrant in respect of:

a criminal offence;
any offence relating to the prescribing, compounding, dispensing, selling, or administering of drugs; or
any offence relevant to the Registrant’s suitability to practise occupationaltherapy;

the Registrant is not subject to any existing conditions or restrictions (such as bail conditions) imposed by a court or other lawful authority that relate to or otherwise impact the Registrant’s practice;

The Registrar shall supervise the nomination of candidates and shall assess the eligibility for election of a nominated candidate.


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Candidates considering standing for election to Council should:

Confirm eligibility to stand for election.
Review the criteria for ensuring nominators are eligible. Nominators must be employed or reside within the electoral district where the election will be held.
Complete and submit a nomination form. The nomination form includes: a candidate statement, a public protection statement, employment history, education history, and a biographical summary. The nomination form must be supported by three eligible nominators.
Submit the required materials before the deadline.

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