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Home modifications help seniors age in place

As baby boomers hit their golden years, many look to update their homes. Not just for style but for function. The right adaptations can keep people in their homes for years to come.

When determining what changes are needed to do things safely and more easily, you need to trust the people who will make it happen, including health-care professionals who can assist, like occupational therapists (OTs).

OTs are licensed health professionals. They help people develop strategies to adapt so they’re able to continue doing the activities they want and need to do, from cooking to self-care to getting around.

In the home, OTs can advise on adapting the environment to work best for you. People change as they get older, so your house may need to evolve as well. With the appropriate modifications to your surroundings and the right advice, you can keep living independently in your home.

If you’re working with an OT, the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario is a great resource. All OTs have professional obligations and must be licensed by the College. The College protects your right to receive safe, competent and ethical care – and gives you confidence as you make the changes that help you live the way you want.

Find more information and a licensed OT at

You can also contact the College for assistance locating an OT, or for information about what to expect when working with an OT. If you have concerns or complaints about an OT, the College is there to help too.