Opportunity – Now Seeking Peer Assessors

October 09, 2020
With the ongoing redesign of the Quality Assurance Program, the College is currently seeking to expand its roster of Peer Assessors. Peer Assessors play a key role within the Quality Assurance (QA) Program. Assessors work with the College to review registrants’ skills, knowledge and judgement and ensure competent and safe occupational therapy services are provided to the public. Through a coaching lens, and when needed, Peer Assessors help identify gaps in practice and improve on these gaps in real time.

Peer Assessors work on contract and accept assessments based on their own scheduling. The volume of requests vary and assessors are reimbursed for their time.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Assessor, you must:
  • be a member in good standing with the College
  • have five years’ experience as an occupational therapist in the province of Ontario
  • have at least two years’ experience in one area of occupational therapy practice
  • be recommended by your peers through references (3)
  • not currently be serving on Council, Committees or have any other role in the College.
  • have access to a secure and reliable internet connection that is not publicly accessible.
  • own your own computer with a camera or have a secure, password-protected user account on a shared computer with camera access.
  • meet the eligibility criteria as per the – Policy on the Approval of Supervisors and Other Agents of the College

The College also considers:
  • geographic location to try and balance district representation
  • nature and area of practice (whether clinical, non-clinical or mixed).
  • additional professional qualifications or expertise.
  • languages spoken (French considered an asset) and communication skills.
  • experience with virtual services, including interfacing with technology to attend meetings and review documents.

If you have questions, or are interested in this opportunity, please contact us or submit your resume and cover letter by November 3, 2020 to:

Seema Sindwani, Manager Quality Assurance at: 

Submissions will be reviewed, and qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview, and if appropriate, references will be checked. Once screening is complete, successful applicants will be approved by the Quality Assurance Committee to proceed to the next steps of contract completion and training. The training program serves as the final step before new Peer Assessors are added to the Peer Assessor roster.

The College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario respects and supports equity, diversity and inclusion. We will review all qualified candidate submissions equally. The College is an equal opportunity organization. Upon request, accommodation is available.