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Jul 12, 2021

HPRO Equity and Anti-Racism Survey - Closes July 31, 2021

The Health Professions Regulators of Ontario's Anti-BIPOC Racism Working Group have developed an Equity and Anti-Racism survey to explore how equity and anti-racism may influence the work of health professions regulators in Ontario. 

Equity refers to addressing disproportionality between and across different groups while anti-racism refers to an active process of identifying and addressing racial prejudice and discrimination.

This survey was designed to explore issues related to equity and anti-racism in the health professions regulatory sector in Ontario. Participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous. No personal identifying information can be shared. 

The survey is open from July 8-31, 2021 and should take 8-10 minutes to complete.


If you have questions or concerns at any time about the study or the procedures, please contact the survey administrator Dr. Javeed Sukhera at [email protected].