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Sep 16, 2021

College Statement on Vaccination

The College supports the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Health’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, which includes vaccination.  Throughout the pandemic, the College has made information regarding COVID-19 vaccines available through communications to registrants and stakeholders and posted information on our website


The College will not be mandating vaccination as a condition of registration.  We recognize that employers and government have the rights, roles, and responsibilities to act as required to ensure the safety of those they service.  We expect occupational therapists to work with their employers on the practice changes that are ongoing, and to problem-solve through service challenges.  Recently, the Ontario government issued a directive that affects COVID-19 vaccination workplace policies for those employed in hospitals, community, home care settings and ambulance services.  Occupational therapists should refer to their employer policies to understand how these changes might affect them.


The College is aware of the recent and upcoming planned demonstrations taking place outside hospitals. As a health profession regulator, we have no role in encroaching on the right to peacefully protest. We expect occupational therapists to not publicly spread misinformation about COVID-19, vaccinations, or the public health measures currently in place. Occupational therapists, and all other all regulated health professionals, hold a unique position of trust with the public.  


Comments or actions that do not align with the information coming from public health or government may result in public harm.  Any concern brought to the attention of the College regarding a registrant’s violation of public health measures or publicly spreading misinformation that rejects the available scientific evidence will be investigated by the College.


We understand most registrants have acted, and continue to act, in alignment with public health directives. The continued commitment to the delivery of safe, effective occupational therapy services is greatly appreciated by all.