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Notice: The Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada (2021) are now in effect.

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Apr 20, 2021

Updated information about accessing COVID Care Learning

The College has been encouraged to share these COVID-19 education resources on to support occupational therapists if you are redeployed.

The rapid rise and severity of COVID-19 cases may result in large redeployments of health professionals across the system. We are committed to helping you prepare if you are one of the individuals who are redeployed – and thank you for your help during these challenging times.  

  • Use these free resources curated for COVID-19 education: At the onset of the pandemic, a provincial team launched the platform as an essential learning tool for redeployed personnel.
  • Below are instructions on how to login to this free resource and FAQs. The goal of this site is to refresh your clinical knowledge and upskill redeployed personnel as they care for COVID-19 patients in various environments. 

The materials on this website cover an array of topics for those working in adult and pediatric hospital settings and long-term care. It also features resources about vaccination, infection control and team-based models of care, in addition to several other content areas.

The site is continually updated as we learn more about COVID-19. It is available to every person in health and long-term care who wishes to use it. Should you or your team have a unique educational need that does not currently exist on the platform, or you would like to make a content recommendation, please message  

How to Access COVID Care Learning: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Create new account 
  3. Enter registration information 
  4. Occupational therapists, enter the access code provided by the College. Please check your inbox for the April newsletter email from the College (sent on April 21, 2021) and do not share the access code outside of Ontario or on any public-facing materials, websites or social media.
  5.  Wait for email confirmation from with subject line “Critical Care Learning: account confirmation,” If you do not receive it within 2 minutes, check your spam/junk mail folder 

Login Technical Requirements: 

  • Browser: Use latest versions of the Chrome, Safari or Edge (Desktop and Mobile compatible) If you experience issues with Internet Explorer, use any one of the other browsers listed.
  • Stable Internet and audio access

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share this with colleagues outside my hospital or long-term care home? 

You can share this resource with your health and long-term care colleagues in Ontario only. Please do not post the access code on any public facing materials, websites, or on social media.

How do I share what’s happening at our hospital or long-term care facility, and any specific needs that are arising? 

We would value hearing from you about the education you are using, which may be beneficial to our colleagues across the Province. If you have resources or emergent practices you are interested in sharing more broadly, you are welcome to share it on this platform. Please e-mail to share with our team. 


Is this education mandatory? 

No. Healthcare providers are encouraged to review the content they feel will help to prepare them for redeployment. Some hospitals and long-term care facilities may offer guidance as to what resources are most applicable for you to review. 


Will I get a certificate or specialization for completing content on this platform? 

No. Please note that participation in any of the learning activities on this website will not yield certification or specialization in any of the areas being reviewed or covered. 


My supervisor is asking me to demonstrate that I have reviewed some of the materials on the site. How can I do that? 

The site does not offer an opportunity to record what you have completed or provide a report. You will need to connect with your supervisor directly to demonstrate what you have reviewed on the site. Organizations may wish to develop their own attestation process. 


Will we receive usage/completion reports for our organization? 

No. User completion reports will not be provided to organizations. Organizations may wish to develop their own attestation process.  


How long will this education be offered? Will it still be available after COVID-19? 

The resource will continue to be available during the pandemic. We are unable to determine how much longer after the pandemic settles this resource will be available for.