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Jan 6, 2022

Update: Reinstatement of Directive #2 for Health Care Providers, Screening Tools, Redeployment

Reinstatement of Directive #2

Effective January 5, 2022, Directive #2 for Health Care Providers, is reinstated. This requires regulated health professional (and those that operate a group practice) working in hospitals to stop: 

  • All non-emergent or non-urgent surgeries and procedures should be ceased. Emergent and urgent surgeries should continue, in an effort to reduce and prevent patient morbidity and mortality.
  • All non-emergent or non-urgent diagnostic imaging and ambulatory clinical activity should be ceased, unless directly related to the provision of emergent or urgent surgeries and procedures or to pain management services.

Occupational therapists may be directly or indirectly impacted by this requirement.  Health Care Workers may contact the Ministry’s Health Care Provider Hotline at 1-866- 212-2272 or by email at [email protected] with questions or concerns about this Directive.

The College's practice consultants can be reached by phone at 1.800.890.6570 extension 240, or by email to [email protected].


As stress on health human resources continues, occupational therapists are being redeployed and assigned to tasks that may not typically fall within the scope of occupational therapy practice.  For more information, please see the College's related COVID-19 Questions and Answers.

Other updates

Find more screening tools in French and English on Ontario's COVID-19 website

Please note: With information changing rapidly, occupational therapists are encouraged to be familiar with the most up to date information available on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Guidance for the Health Sector website.