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Sep 6, 2022

Information on Bill 7 (More Beds, Better Care Act)

On August 31, 2022, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 7, the More Beds, Better Care Act,  to make it easier to move patients (alternative level care) who do not require hospital care into long-term care homes.

Bill 7 outlines that a placement coordinator may:

  • Determine the alternative level care (ALC) patient’s eligibility for admission to a long-term care home.
  • Select a long-term care home or home for the ALC patient in accordance with the geographic restrictions prescribed by the regulations.
  • Provide a long-term care home licensee with the assessments and information set out in the regulations, including personal health information.
  • Authorize the ALC patient’s admission to a home.
  • Transfer responsibility for the placement of the ALC patient to another placement coordinator who may carry out the actions listed here concerning the ALC patient.

Bill 7 permits the above actions to be performed without consent if reasonable efforts have been made to obtain permission from the patient or the substitute decision maker. 

Impact on occupational therapists

As this legislation is specific to certain activities, occupational therapists working for hospitals and community care service providers are encouraged to speak with their employers about this new legislation and how it impacts them and their role. 

Some occupational therapists have voiced concern about carrying out the specific tasks outlined under this legislation without client consent.  The Standards for Consent acknowledges that the expectations regarding consent may vary according to practice setting, area of practice and client population, and that additional legislation may apply.

Occupational therapists are expected to understand and comply with legislation that applies to their practice settings.

Outside of these specific activities and tasks mentioned under Bill 7, the Standards for Consent continue to apply for general occupational therapy services.

While we cannot provide legal advice or additional interpretation of this legislation, please contact the Practice Team if you have questions about your occupational therapy practice at [email protected] or 1-800-890-6570 ext. 240