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Mar 21, 2023

Now Available: Preview the updated Standards of Practice (In effect June 1, 2023)

Updated: May 5, 2023

Standards of Practice are coming into effect soon!

We are pleased to announce that the College Board approved the updated Standards of Practice. On June 1st, 2023, the revised Standards of Practice will come into effect for occupational therapists in Ontario.

You can get ready and preview the updated Standards, now available on our website in English and French.

As part of the ongoing work at the College, the Standards of Practice are reviewed regularly to ensure the public interest is at the forefront, the expectations for practice are clear, and evolving occupational therapy practice is considered. 

The Standards have been modernized to:

  • clarify practice expectations
  • use plain language
  • include practice competencies

Did you know?

  • For the first time, the Standards are in one document
  • The Standards have been streamlined from previously 200+ pages to now 50 pages
  • Some of the Standards are now combined (for example Professional Boundaries and Prevention of Sexual Abuse)
  • Some Standards underwent minimal revisions (Acupuncture) while others underwent greater revisions (Psychotherapy)
  • This was a significant project with extensive consultations to ensure registrants, regulators, clients, members of the public and other interested groups were heard and could provide their input.

Be ready for when the Standards take effect

For more information about the Standards, please reach out to our Practice Resource Service at [email protected].