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Apr 11, 2024

April 4, 2024 Board Meeting Highlights

College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF)

The Board approved the completed College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) for submission to the Ministry of Health. Health regulatory colleges exist to protect the public interest. To help the public understand how well colleges are doing their job and to help continually improve accountability, transparency and oversight, all health regulatory colleges report on their work. The College CPMF submission is available for review online.

Review the 2023 COTO College Performance Measurement Framework.

Governance Action Plan

In follow up to the third-party governance assessment delivered by Deanna Williams in January 2024, the Board approved the proposed Governance Action Plan. The assessment report indicated a high level of effectiveness in meeting the College’s mandate to regulate the profession of occupational therapy in the public interest. The Action Plan addresses five opportunities for improvement. 

Approval of Governance Policies

The Board approved new and revised policies pertaining to the Role of the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Chair, College Committees and Rules of Order. As part of the comprehensive review of the Governance Policies Manual, the Board Governance Role policies were revised to provide a shared understanding of the Board roles and accountabilities in governing the College.

Terms of Reference for all College Committees

The Board approved the changes to the Committee terms of reference. Terms have been updated and revised to ensure relevancy.

Bylaw Amendments

As part of the broader governance modernization initiative, amended bylaws were approved with changes related to having election candidates first screened by the Nomination Committee to ensure they meet the eligibility and desired competencies prior to standing for election; reducing the overlap of Board and statutory committees’ membership; additional provisions that may lead to the eligibility of Board and Committee Members; and housekeeping matters. Watch for the updated bylaws to be posted on the College website in the coming days. 

Approval of Committee Appointees

Two professional re-appointments to College Committees were approved.  The ongoing contribution of Committee members is greatly appreciated.

Several new appointments of professional members to committees were made as part of the separation of statutory committee membership from the Board.  We thank all the new members of the committees for participating in the recruitment process and agreeing to serve on college committees.

Thank you to all registrants who put forth their names.  We didn’t have spaces for all those who applied so, please watch for future opportunities to get involved with the work of the College.

Learn more about the work of College Committees.

Farewell to Departing Board Directors

The College recognized the contributions of outgoing elected Board Chair Teri Shackleton, Elected Board Directors Heather McFarlane and Stephanie Schurr, and Public Director Brittany O’Brien.

Welcome to New Board Directors

The Board welcomed new elected Board Directors Tina Siemens and Julie Reinhart. 

Learn how the College works to protect the public.

Election of Officers

The election of Board officers was conducted. Congratulations to our new Board Executive: Neelam Bal (Chair), Stacey Anderson (Vice-Chair), Allan Freedman (Director), and Lucy Kloosterhuis (Director).

On behalf of the Board, College Registrar Elinor Larney thanked outgoing Chair of the Board Teri Shackleton for her leadership and contributions over the past year.