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December 2020: Self-Reporting

Q: These past few months have been tough. I’ve decided to take a short leave of absence from work because of fatigue and anxiety. Do I have to let the College know about this?

A: The College recognizes that this year has been difficult for many, and we hope the answer to this question is helpful to anyone who may be experiencing something similar.

If you stop practising to take care of your health, you do not need to report your health condition to the College. That is because there is no risk to your clients or colleagues while you are not working.

When you feel ready to return to work, you may need to limit your practice or make some changes so that you can keep managing your health condition. If you can safeguard your practice against any risks, you do not need to report to the College.

You do have to report to the College if you are working, or returning to work, and:

  • you have concerns about your ability to practise safely and professionally
  • you have not yet made changes to your practice so that you can manage the risks
  • you are unsure what safeguards are needed.

For advice about what you should do, call 416-214-1177, extension 223 and speak with Aoife Coghlan.

What to do if you have to self-report

  1. Log in to your profile through the College website.
  2. On your profile, find the question: “Is there an event or circumstance (such as a health condition or disorder) that does or will affect your ability to practise safely and professionally?” 
  3. Make your report under that question.

Learn more about how the College manages these kinds of self-reports and fitness to practice.

If you or a colleague have been affected by the pandemic and need some supportive care, there is help available. 

Resources for support of health care workers:

Remember, our Practice team is here to help. Contact the Practice Resource Service at 416.214.1177 ext. 240 or email [email protected]


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