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February 2019: Commenting and changing reports after resigning as an OT

Q: I have resigned my registration with the College and am no longer practicing as an occupational therapist. I have been asked to testify in court related to a report I wrote when I was registered. Am I allowed to testify if I am not registered?

Can I defend, change or make corrections to a report that I completed while I was registered, if I am not currently registered?

A: Former registrants of the College can comment on work they completed for the period of time they were registered; however, they must transparently disclose that they are no longer registered with the College.

Former registrants cannot use the title OT or permit others to address them by that title. This must be done carefully so as not to contravene the Occupational Therapy Act, 1991, s. 7(2) which states, “No person other than a member shall hold himself or herself out as a person who is qualified to practice in Ontario as an occupational therapist or in a specialty of occupational therapy.”

It is recommended that information that was completed while they were registered should not be changed, either in an addendum, amendment or update after they are no longer registered, as this would be perceived as acting as an occupational therapist in these circumstances.

An OT should seek legal consultation to answer any questions they may have regarding their legal obligations when being asked to testify in court related to a report they wrote when they were registered with the College.

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