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February 2021: Occupational Therapists and Job Titles

Question: My job title does not include “occupational therapist”, how can I communicate that I am an occupational therapist?  

Answer: The Standards for Use of Title,  Standard 9 – Job Titles outlines how to communicate your occupational therapist designation when your job title does not include occupational therapist.  “In situations where an individual’s job qualifications require them to be an occupational therapist or a regulated health professional, it is important for the occupational therapist to acknowledge their status as a regulated health professional in addition to their job title. By using the protected title together with a job title, the occupational therapist confirms their registration as an occupational therapist and their accountability to the College.”

Some examples of use of job title are provided:

Jane Doe, MSc (OT), OT Reg. (Ont.) 
Director, Professional Practice 

John Doe, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Care Coordinator 

James Doe
Occupational Therapist
Case manager

For additional examples refer to Appendix A within the Standards for Use of Title or review the Quick Reference to the Use of Title resource.

If you have any questions please contact the Practice Team by phone at 416.214.1177 or 1.800.890.6570 ext. 240 or email [email protected]


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