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January 2018: Use of Title

Question: I have reviewed the Standards for the Use of Title and see that Standard 7 – Additional Credentials now allows OTs to use additional credentials, if the credentials meet the specified criteria.
The Standards also say that OTs can not communicate that they are a Specialist.

I am a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and I am confused about whether I can use this credential?

Answer: When communicating additional credentials, occupational therapists must avoid references to the term “Specialist”. The issue with using the title Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist is that this additional credential contains the word Specialist. The concern is that the term Specialist may be misleading to the public. For this reason, OTs considering using this title must refer to Standard 6 – Specialist Designations, Specialization and Areas of Practice. Standard 6 states that:

The occupational therapist will not use a title, designation or abbreviation that indicates or implies specialization or otherwise suggests that they are a specialist.

The College issues certificates of registration for general practice only and does not grant specialist designations. By law, occupational therapists are not permitted to call themselves specialists. Therefore, an OT with the credentials Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist should consider alternate ways to communicate their additional training to the public. For example, you could communicate this as:

Jane Doe, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Certification in Driver Rehabilitation


Jane Doe, Occupational Therapist
Certified in Driver Rehabilitation

In communicating that the OT is registered with the College, an OT is permitted to use the full title “Occupational Therapist” or the approved designation “OT Reg. (Ont.)”


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