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January 2020: Type of Practice - Clinical or Non-Clinical

Q:I work in a management role at my organization. Most of my work is administrative but on occasion, I am called in to see a client or talk with a family.

Should I consider my practice to be clinical or non-clinical in nature? 

A: If an occupational therapist is in a management role and providing any clinical care as part of their practice, they should indicate their practice as “mixed” in nature. This is the case even if the occupational therapist sees one client. 

All occupational therapists have similar core competencies and are expected to adhere to College practice standards. 

Identifying type of practice assists with selection and completion of the annual Quality Assurance (QA) requirements as resources are developed accordingly.  Learn more about the QA program.

At any time, an occupational therapist can update their type of practice by logging in to their registrant profile and selecting the ‘My Profile’ button, followed by clicking onto the ‘Employment’ tab.

This information helps to inform the College about the types of occupational therapy roles so education and resources can be created tailored according. 

If you have questions about your practice type, please contact the Practice Resource Service at 416.214.1177 ext. 240 or at [email protected]

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