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September 2020: Virtual Supervision of a Provisional OT

Q: With OTs graduating right now, I have been asked to supervise someone who will have a provisional license. Can I do this supervision virtually?

A: Yes. All occupational therapy supervisors must hold general registration with the College and have a minimum of one year of practice experience in Ontario.

If you are providing virtual supervision to a provisional OT it is important to have a detailed supervision plan which should include planned interactions and virtual meetings at a minimum of once a week.

When providing virtual supervision, the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic must be considered and plans must be in place to manage issues related to practice (for example, consent, assessment, and treatment) and mitigate any risks.

The OT supervisor and provisional OT are expected to establish a supervision and communication plan. The appropriate level, nature, and frequency of supervision is dependent upon the provisional OT’s knowledge, skills, and judgement, as ideally identified through opportunities to observe client interactions if appropriate.

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