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Concerned about another occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists often have the opportunity to work with other occupational therapists, for example, by sharing a client, or reviewing another occupational therapist's assessment report.

There may be times where you become aware that another occupational therapist may not be practising safely or behaving professionally. Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate to bring this to the attention to the occupational therapist themself, their direct supervisor, the employer, or, in some cases, the College.

Legal duty to report

Occupational therapists are required by law to report concerns about another occupational therapist if they suspect an occupational therapist has:

  • sexually abused a patient (this duty also applies to all regulated health professionals), or
  • abused a child, or
  • abused an elderly person.

Learn more: Duty to report suspected abuse or neglect

Reporting a concern to the College

Occupational therapists can report other conduct to the College, such as verbal or physical abuse of a patient, inappropriate billing, and professional boundary violations.

When you report a concern about an occupational therapist to the College, we will follow up with you to obtain any further relevant details. The College will then conduct risk assessment to determine what action to take based on risk factors.

Your responsibilities as a self-regulated professional

When you report a concern to the College, you are not tattling or getting an occupational therapist “in trouble”. You are alerting the College to potentially problematic behaviour that the College can address. The College relies on the public, clients, occupational therapists, and other interested parties for these alerts.

By reporting, you are promoting the safe, ethical and accountable practice of occupational therapists in the province.

This is part of the responsibility of being self-regulated. Occupational therapists are often in the best position to understand the nature of occupational therapy practice and when it may be falling below standards. Raising the level of occupational therapist practice overall is in the best interests of both patients and the profession as a whole.

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