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January 2021
Mandatory Reporting for Sexual Abuse, Q&As on QA in the Pandemic, Consent through Email, Accountability in Media, and more

February 2021
Renewal and Installments, Discontinuation of Services, Top Areas for QA Coaching, March Webinar and More


January 2020 (Online | PDF)
Novel Coronavirus Information, Controlled Act of Psychotherapy Regulation, College Council Elections and More

February 2020 (Online | PDF)
5 PPA Myths, Deadlines for Behavioural Clinicians Survey, Privacy Breach Reporting, and AHPDF, and More

July 2020 (Online | PDF)
Annual Renewal, COVID-19 Resources, Q&A on Coaching, Special Elections Webinar and More

August 2020 (Online | PDF)
Annual Renewal, Virtual Care Case of the Month, Open Consultations and More 

September 2020
Back to School COVID-19 Resources, Insurance Reminder, Questions and Answers, and More

October 2020
Precepting in the Pandemic, Peer Assessments, Welcome to New Council Members, and More

November 2020
COVID-19 Update on Lockdowns in Toronto and Peel, Upcoming Webinars, Practice Case and More

December 2020
Standards for Assessment, COVID-19 Updates, Q&A on Self-Reporting, Psychotherapy Case Scenario and More


January 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Reporting Requirements for Health Privacy Breaches, Managing Client Records and More

February 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Decision-Making Resource, Working Within Managed Resources, Voting Reminder and More

April 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Council Members and Executive, You and Your Practice, Renewal and QA Deadlines and More

May 2019 (Online | PDF)
Succession Planning, Referrals to Assess or Treat Clients, Clarification on Consent, Deadlines and More

July 2019 (Online | PDF)
Standards for Infection Prevention and Control, Guidelines for Private Practice, Treatment Plans for Medical Cannabis and More

September 2019 (Online | PDF)
5 Tips to Complete Your PREP, Insurance Deadline Reminder, and New Practice Webinar Series

October 2019 (Online | PDF)
Reminders for QA and Updating Insurance, Upcoming Webinars, Case Study on Electronic Records and More

December 2019 (Online | PDF)
Updated Q&A on Treatment Plans for Medical Cannabis, Psychotherapy Webinar FAQ, QA Program Survey Reminder and More.


January 2018 (Online | PDF)
Rules for Use of Title Psychotherapist, Your Practice Questions Answered, New Renewal Deadline & More 

February 2018 (Online | PDF)
Consultation on Psychotherapy Standards, More Practice Questions Answered, One Week Left to Cast Your Vote

March 2018 (Online | PDF)
You and Your Practice, Self-Reporting Requirements, Consultation Opportunities and More

April 2018 (Online | PDF)
Discretionary Reporting for Driving, New Case Study, Psychotherapy Regulation and More

May 2018 (Online | PDF)
Fitness to Drive Interim Guide, Deadlines and Reminders, Revised Standards and Guidelines, and More

July 2018 (Online | PDF)
Discretionary Reporting Now in Effect, Revised Standards, How to Complete your PD Plan and More

September 2018 (Online | PDF)
Assessments in Schools, New Discretionary Reporting Resources, QA Deadlines, and More

November 2018 (Online | PDF)
Annual Report, PREP Archive, Questions about Cannabis, Group Documentation and More  

December 2018 (Online | PDF)
New Standards and Consultation, Student Supervision, Consent and More


January 2017 (Online | PDF)
Standards for Consent Webinar, Psychotherapy Consultation & More  

March 2017 (Online | PDF)
New QA Dates, Bylaw Consultation and Clarification, VS Checks & More

May 2017 (Online | PDF)
QA Update, Use of Title Consultation, Strategy Report, Response to Coroner's Report on Bed Entrapment & More 

July 2017 (Online | PDF)
Naloxone Advisory, Controlled Acts Guide, QA Webinar, Bylaw Consultation Outcome & More

September 2017 (Online | PDF)
Sexual Abuse Reporting, New Privacy Breach Reporting Requirements & More

November 2017 (Online | PDF)
New Guidelines in Effect, Year in Review, Council Elections, Meeting Highlights & More 

December 2017 (Online | PDF)
New Standards for Use of Title, Support Personnel Consultation, Important Reminder for HICs & More 

On The Record -


February 2016 (Online | PDF)
Feedback on Proposal to Publish Cautions, Undertakings & SCERPS & More

March 2016 (Online | PDF)
PREP Module, Tax Receipts, Practice Advisor Position & More

August 2016 (Online | PDF)
Website Changes, Privacy Breaches, QA Feedback & More

October 2016 (Online | PDF)
Your QA Tools, Liability Insurance, Strategic Planning, QA Job Opportunity & More


August 2015 (Online | PDF)
Your Feedback on Changes to the Public Register, Clinic Regulation, Duty to Report & More