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February 2022
Response to Coroner’s Report: Deaths from Power Recliner Lift Chairs, Peer Assessor Opportunity, Termination of Employment Q&A, and More

March 2022
Masking Changes, Virtual Services, April Webinar Sign-Up and More

April 2022
Lessons from an Assessment Complaint, Renewal and PD Plan Reminders, Standards for Practice Consultation Coming Soon, and More


January 2021
Mandatory Reporting for Sexual Abuse, Q&As on QA in the Pandemic, Consent through Email, Accountability in Media, and more

February 2021
Renewal and Installments, Discontinuation of Services, Top Areas for QA Coaching, March Webinar and More

March 2021
Renewal Notice, Leaving Practice Case of the Month, Risk Category Q & A, and More

April 2021
COVID-19 Updates and Resources, Revised PD Plan Requirements, Vaccination Info Q&A, and More

May 2021
COVID-19 Updates and Guidance, Privacy Webinar, Social Media Case of the Month and More

June 2021
New Virtual Services Information, Private Practice Case of the Month, Upcoming Board Meeting and More

July 2021
2021 Quality Assurance Requirements, Case of the Month, Updated Resources and More

August 2021
Mental Health Support, Q&As on Masking When Fully Vaccinated and Charging Fees for Releasing Client Records, and More

September 2021
Statement on Vaccination, Psychotherapy Survey Results, and More

October 2021
QA Requirements, Checklist for Starting a Private Practice, Call for Subcommittee Members, and More.

November 2021
Annual Report, Upcoming Elections, Practice Q&As, COVID-19 Vaccination Updates and More

December 2021
Message from the Registrar, COVID-19 Updates, Holiday Office Closure, Elections and More


January 2020 (Online | PDF)
Novel Coronavirus Information, Controlled Act of Psychotherapy Regulation, College Council Elections and More

February 2020 (Online | PDF)
5 PPA Myths, Deadlines for Behavioural Clinicians Survey, Privacy Breach Reporting, and AHPDF, and More

July 2020 (Online | PDF)
Annual Renewal, COVID-19 Resources, Q&A on Coaching, Special Elections Webinar and More

August 2020 (Online | PDF)
Annual Renewal, Virtual Care Case of the Month, Open Consultations and More 

September 2020
Back to School COVID-19 Resources, Insurance Reminder, Questions and Answers, and More

October 2020
Precepting in the Pandemic, Peer Assessments, Welcome to New Council Members, and More

November 2020
COVID-19 Update on Lockdowns in Toronto and Peel, Upcoming Webinars, Practice Case and More

December 2020
Standards for Assessment, COVID-19 Updates, Q&A on Self-Reporting, Psychotherapy Case Scenario and More


January 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Reporting Requirements for Health Privacy Breaches, Managing Client Records and More

February 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Decision-Making Resource, Working Within Managed Resources, Voting Reminder and More

April 2019 (Online | PDF)
New Council Members and Executive, You and Your Practice, Renewal and QA Deadlines and More

May 2019 (Online | PDF)
Succession Planning, Referrals to Assess or Treat Clients, Clarification on Consent, Deadlines and More

July 2019 (Online | PDF)
Standards for Infection Prevention and Control, Guidelines for Private Practice, Treatment Plans for Medical Cannabis and More

September 2019 (Online | PDF)
5 Tips to Complete Your PREP, Insurance Deadline Reminder, and New Practice Webinar Series

October 2019 (Online | PDF)
Reminders for QA and Updating Insurance, Upcoming Webinars, Case Study on Electronic Records and More

December 2019 (Online | PDF)
Updated Q&A on Treatment Plans for Medical Cannabis, Psychotherapy Webinar FAQ, QA Program Survey Reminder and More.



January 2018 (Online | PDF)
Rules for Use of Title Psychotherapist, Your Practice Questions Answered, New Renewal Deadline & More 

February 2018 (Online | PDF)
Consultation on Psychotherapy Standards, More Practice Questions Answered, One Week Left to Cast Your Vote

March 2018 (Online | PDF)
You and Your Practice, Self-Reporting Requirements, Consultation Opportunities and More

April 2018 (Online | PDF)
Discretionary Reporting for Driving, New Case Study, Psychotherapy Regulation and More

May 2018 (Online | PDF)
Fitness to Drive Interim Guide, Deadlines and Reminders, Revised Standards and Guidelines, and More

July 2018 (Online | PDF)
Discretionary Reporting Now in Effect, Revised Standards, How to Complete your PD Plan and More

September 2018 (Online | PDF)
Assessments in Schools, New Discretionary Reporting Resources, QA Deadlines, and More

November 2018 (Online | PDF)
Annual Report, PREP Archive, Questions about Cannabis, Group Documentation and More  

December 2018 (Online | PDF)
New Standards and Consultation, Student Supervision, Consent and More


January 2017 (Online | PDF)
Standards for Consent Webinar, Psychotherapy Consultation & More  

March 2017 (Online | PDF)
New QA Dates, Bylaw Consultation and Clarification, VS Checks & More

May 2017 (Online | PDF)
QA Update, Use of Title Consultation, Strategy Report, Response to Coroner's Report on Bed Entrapment & More 

July 2017 (Online | PDF)
Naloxone Advisory, Controlled Acts Guide, QA Webinar, Bylaw Consultation Outcome & More

September 2017 (Online | PDF)
Sexual Abuse Reporting, New Privacy Breach Reporting Requirements & More

November 2017 (Online | PDF)
New Guidelines in Effect, Year in Review, Council Elections, Meeting Highlights & More 

December 2017 (Online | PDF)
New Standards for Use of Title, Support Personnel Consultation, Important Reminder for HICs & More 

On The Record -


February 2016 (Online | PDF)
Feedback on Proposal to Publish Cautions, Undertakings & SCERPS & More

March 2016 (Online | PDF)
PREP Module, Tax Receipts, Practice Advisor Position & More

August 2016 (Online | PDF)
Website Changes, Privacy Breaches, QA Feedback & More

October 2016 (Online | PDF)
Your QA Tools, Liability Insurance, Strategic Planning, QA Job Opportunity & More


August 2015 (Online | PDF)
Your Feedback on Changes to the Public Register, Clinic Regulation, Duty to Report & More