The Ontario Autism Program provides services and support for children with autism. Childhood budgets provide families money to purchase services and support for their children. For example, you can use your childhood budgets to purchase occupational therapy services. To learn more about the Ontario Autism Program, including how to apply, and what services are eligible please visit

At the College, we will do our best to help you. Here is how we can assist you:

Are you looking for occupational therapy services?

We understand it can be overwhelming to find the right services for you or your family member. The College can help you learn about what occupational therapists do and the types of clients they work with. We can provide information to help you find an occupational therapist in your area and confirm that the occupational therapist is licensed to practice.

The role of the College is to protect the public by making sure occupational therapists are competent, ethical and accountable. Our public register provides up-to-date information about every occupational therapist who is, or was ever, licensed in Ontario

How we can help

Here at the College we have occupational therapists on staff who are available to answer your questions about occupational therapy services in Ontario. These occupational therapists are part of our practice resource service. Anyone can email us at or call at 1.800.890.6570/416.214.1177 x240 to speak with our team. Our Practice Consultants are available to discuss your questions or requests for information.

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