All occupational therapists (OTs) are required to renew or resign online on or before May 31, 2019. 

Renew your registration through the member login beginning March 29, 2019.

Le renouvellement en ligne peut être fait uniquement en anglais. Si vous voulez faire le renouvellement en français, veuillez télécharger et remplir le formulaire de renouvellement français, puis l’envoyer à l’Ordre avec votre paiement. Le glossaire français est disponible ici.


  • OTs who do not complete their annual renewal—or resign their registration—by the May 31, 2019 deadline will receive notice their registration will be suspended for nonpayment of fees, if fees are not paid within 30 days.

  • The College is required to publicly post all suspensions.

Tips for Successful Renewal

  1. Test your login. If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the option on the login page to reset it. If you no longer have access to the email on file, please email

  2. Renew early to avoid unexpected delays and complete your renewal on time.

  3. Verify your registration status on Find an OT. Check your registration history expiry date. An expiry date of May 31, 2020 signifies a successful renewal.

Technical Specifications 

For the best user experience, online renewal should be completed using a desktop or laptop computer. The College does not recommend using a tablet or smartphone to renew. 

The most current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are supported. Please note that older versions may not provide optimal user experience.

The College is not responsible for technology issues beyond its control. 

Google Chrome



Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer


Payment - Must be received by May 31, 2019

Online payment: Pay online with credit card or through the bill payments section of your financial institution’s website. The College name can be selected from the list of payees available on major Canadian banking sites. Enter your eight digit registration number as your account number.

Other payment options: Credit card, cheque and money orders are accepted and must be mailed with the payment form available in the online renewal form. Ensure your name and registration number are clearly marked. Partial payments and post-dated cheques are not permitted.

Reminder Tax Receipts Tax Receipts

Once you have completed your annual renewal and your payment has been processed, your tax receipt will be available for download through the member login. Duplicate copies may be downloaded as required throughout the year.


If you will not be working or using the title occupational therapist or OT in Ontario after May 31, 2019 you may choose to resign your registration. Resigning your registration means you will not be able to work as an occupational therapist, use the occupational therapist title, abbreviation, or designation OT Reg. (Ont.), in Ontario, until you are re-registered with the College.

If you wish to resign, you must do so by May 31, 2019. Please log in and select ‘Resign Registration’. An automatic email will be sent to you confirming your resignation.

If you renew your registration and will not be working in Ontario after August 31, 2019, you may be eligible to receive a partial refund of half the annual renewal fee ($371.52). To receive a partial refund, the following two conditions must be met:

  1. Employment in Ontario must end on or before August 31, 2019.

  2. Registration must be resigned online on or before August 31, 2019.

Please note, if a partial refund is granted, a new tax receipt will be issued for the 2019-2020 renewal year. Partial refunds will not be granted to OTs who resign after August 31, 2019.



Email with any questions regarding your annual renewal.