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Dec 15, 2021

2021 PREP Summary

PREP Module: Ethics and Professionalism 2021

Summary Results

The Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP) is one of the College’s annual Quality Assurance requirements.  The PREP for 2021 was on the topic of Ethics and Professionalism and closed in October.  With all PREPs the College asks for feedback from registrants so that we can continue to improve to best meet changing practice requirements.  At the close of the 2021 PREP on Ethics and Professionalism, 3342 registrants provided feedback.  This feedback is summarized as follows:


Practice Relevance
95% of respondents strongly agreed, or agreed, that the module was relevant to their practice.  Of the remaining 5%, most were undecided and less than 1% disagreed that it was relevant.


Increased Knowledge:
88% of respondents strongly agreed, or agreed, that the module increased their practice knowledge.  10% were neutral/ undecided and 2% disagreed.  Some comments included that the module may be more useful for newer registrants, versus ones that have been practising for many years.


Impact on Practice:
86% of respondents strongly agreed, or agreed, that the module would have a positive impact on their practice and 90% responded that they planned on making a corresponding practice change. 12% were neutral or undecided on the impact on their practice, and the rest disagreed.


95% of respondents found the instructions clear, and 91% found it easy to navigate.


Comments for the 2021 PREP included having more non-clinical scenarios, more scenarios on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to make the module shorter.  Other feedback on functionality and navigation were received, and these will be incorporated into the 2022 version.

For 2022, the College is pleased to announce that the PREP will be launched as a national e-learning module on the recently released Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada (2021), which come into effect in November 2022. 

This project has involved occupational therapy regulators across the country with each province contributing to content, scenario development, and subject matter input.

The module will be provided in both French and English and is expected to be launched in June 2022.