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Professional Liability Insurance

All occupational therapists, regardless of area of practice or practice status, must have professional liability insurance that meets the College’s requirements.

If there is a change in your professional liability insurance coverage (including insurer name, start date, expiry date or certificate/policy number) you must make the update online within 30 days of the change occurring.

For full details about the requirements, please refer to the College bylaws (Part 19) or see below.

Professional Liability Insurance Requirements and Obligations

The College does not endorse any insurance provider. It is the responsibility of each occupational therapist to determine which insurance provider and policy best meets their needs.

The College has confirmed that the following insurance coverage meets the College requirements:

These insurance providers are third parties and not affiliated with the College. The College provides this information so occupational therapists are aware of policies that the College has confirmed meet the requirements of the bylaws.

Insurance may be purchased elsewhere, however, evidence that it meets the College's requirements must be sent to the College for review prior to acceptance.

If you have questions about professional liability insurance, please contact
If you have specific questions about your insurance policy content and coverage, please contact your insurance provider.

Policy Requirements as noted in Part 19 of the College Bylaws 

The policy must meet the following requirements:

  • a liability limit of at least $5 million per incident;
  • a minimum coverage of $5 million for the annual policy period;
  • no deductible to the coverage;
  • at least five years of extension of the coverage for claims made when on an extended leave or after retirement or otherwise ceasing practice;
  • no additional terms, conditions or exclusion, other than those standard to the insurance industry;
  • provides coverage for therapy and counselling for every person eligible for funding under subsection 85.7(4) of the Code; and
  • provides coverage, in respect of each such eligible person, for the maximum amount of funding that may be provided for the person under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, for therapy and counselling as a result of sexual abuse by the Registrant.