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Case Studies

Notice: As of June 1, 2023, the updated Standards of Practice will apply to all occupational therapists. The College's practice guidance documents, case studies, Q&As, and other materials are currently being updated to reflect these changes.

In case of discrepancies, please refer to the Standards of Practice, 2023 for the most current information. If you have any questions, please contact the College's Practice Resource Service [email protected].

The College promotes continued competency and education among occupational therapists by offering resources to support every day practice. See our featured case studies and scenarios with real examples to guide occupational therapists in their practice and help occupational therapists deliver safe, effective and ethical care.

Questions? Suggestions? Contact the Practice Resource Service.

Featured Case of the Month

Documenting Group Interventions

Stella works for a community organization providing occupational therapy services in clients’ homes. As part of the organization’s community outreach, they asked her to develop and run group education sessions at local community centres for adults with dementia and their caregivers. As Stella puts together the outline for the group, she needs to determine how this group intervention will be documented...

Case Archive


November 2023 (English | French)
Documenting Group Interventions

September 2023 (English | French)
Can Two Occupational Therapists Provide Treatment to One Client at the Same Time?

January 2023 (English | French)
Advertising in Occupational Therapy Practice


November 2022 (English | French)
Occupational Therapists Providing Education or Training of Recommendations to Others

October 2022 (English | French)
Recording Occupational Therapy Sessions

June 2022 (English | French)
Requests from Clients to Sign Forms and Documents

May 2022 (English | French)
Managing Team Disagreements

April 2022 (English | French)
Lessons from an In-Home Assessment Complaint

March 2022 (English | French)
Providing virtual service involving other jurisdictions

February 2022
Assessing risks with a power recliner lift chair (English | French)
Considerations when recommending a power recliner lift chair (English | French)


October 2021 (English | French)
Checklist for starting a private practice

September 2021 (English | French)
What should I do when a client discloses domestic abuse?

July 2021 (English | French)
Am I practising occupational therapy?

June 2021 (English | French)
Requests for private practice follow up with clients

May 2021 (English | French)
Professional boundaries and social media

March 2021 (English | French)
Changing jobs and responsibly transferring clients

February 2021 (English | French)
Obtaining consent and substitute decision-makers

January 2021 (English | French)
Sexual abuse and mandatory reporting


December 2020 (English | French)
Competency in psychotherapy

November 2020 (English | French)
Occupational therapy services in the client's home: infection, prevention and control – are you prepared?

August 2020 (English | French)
Considerations for virtual care


October 2019 (English | French)
Electronically Scanning Client Information

May 2019 (English | French)
Succession planning for client records

February 2019 (English | French)
Working within managed resources


December 2018 (English | French)
Obtaining consent for student involvement

November 2018 (English | French)
Crossing the line? Managing personal and professional interests

September 2018 (Unpublished)
How to apply the conscious decision-making framework

July 2018 (English | French)
Conflicting opinions – professional obligations for OT reports

May 2018 (English | French)
Obtaining consent from a minor

April 2018 (English | French)
Discontinuing occupational therapy services

March 2018 (English | French)
Forms, record keeping and accountability

February 2018 (English | French)
Client suicidal ideation and privacy

January 2018 (English | French)
Obtaining informed consent for an incapable client when an SDM is not available