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March 2022: Virtual services

Question: My client is moving from Ontario to another province. Can I still provide virtual services? 

Answer: This is allowed from a COTO perspective. We recommend that you check with the regulator in the other province where the client is moving to, to confirm any requirements before proceeding.  Some provinces will allow you to continue, some will require registration.


Question: In my job, clients can be located anywhere across the Canada and sometimes in other countries. Can I provide virtual services to them? 

Answer: Some provinces or countries may allow you to provide virtual services without registration in their jurisdiction while some may not.   We recommend you first check with the regulator in the province or country where the client resides to confirm any requirements.


Question: Can I do virtual visits with clients in Ontario if I am staying in another province or country? 

Answer: From a COTO perspective, this is allowed provided you maintain your registration with us and the client is in Ontario.  However, the location where you are residing may have other rules and requirements that will need to be followed. 



For any questions, please contact our Practice Resource Service at 1.800.890.6570 ext. 240 or [email protected].  


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