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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Resources

Notice: Changes to your Quality Assurance Requirements are coming in 2023.

Learn more about these changes to QA

Annual Requirements 

Yes. Under the following circumstances, QA requirements do not need to be completed:

• If you are in your first year of initial registration with the College (for example, new graduates).
• If you have resigned your certificate of registration.

Otherwise, all registrants, including those in non-clinical roles, who are not working, or who are on a leave of absence from work (parental or otherwise), are required to complete all QA requirements if they are registered with the College.

To request an extension or exemption for any Quality Assurance requirement, complete the form (Request for Extension or Exemption Form) at least 2 weeks ahead of the due date and submit it to [email protected].

The Quality Assurance requirements are available in French upon request.

Contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Monitoring compliance with the QA program is a legal requirement of the College. Registrants who do not complete one or more requirement may be contacted the College or their case may be sent to the Quality Assurance Committee for review.

For more information view the Quality Assurance Program Requirements Policy.

Competency Assessment

All the risk categories and indicators are published on the College website so registrants can determine their own risk groupings based on their practice area and work situation.

The College conducted independent research and worked with a vendor with expertise in risk-based competency assessment to outline the possible risks for the College to consider. Risks may be adjusted over time.

When you are selected, you will receive information about the process and participation. As part of this package of information, you will receive a deferral form that you can complete if you cannot participate. The form is also available here: View the Request for Deferral Form.

My QA 

Yes. Once you complete your Quality Assurance requirements, the College will be able to review the content. The College monitors completion for all registrants. We encourage you to read all College emails and visit the website to view reminders and updates about the QA program. Ensure that your current email address is up-to-date in your College profile.

Read-only summaries of previous QA requirements are available. Click the History link below each requirement box and select the Year column to access.

You can also select “MyQA Full History”, located at the bottom of MyQA, to access a complete list of all completed QA requirements.

• “Completed” means that you have met your QA requirement by the due date.

• “Closed” means that you did not complete your QA requirement by the due date, and you no longer have access. You will only have access to a summary of information completed by the closed date. As per the Compliance with Quality Assurance Program Requirements policy, a closed status may result in follow-up from the College.

• “Not Required” means that the College provided an exemption to complete the requirement.

Professional Development Plan

Yes. When you get to the May 31 deadline, mark the goals on your plan as complete.

Enter information into each field on your Professional Development Plan goal setting page then indicate your goal is “ongoing” in the dropdown menu and mark your plan complete by the due date.

No. MyQA does not have the functionality to allow you to copy and paste ongoing goals to next year’s PDP. The PDP was specifically designed to support you to engage in a reflective goal setting process.

When next year’s Plan becomes available (June each year) you can view your completed “read-only” summary of your previous Plan. and consider if your ongoing goals are still relevant and add/update for your next plan. You can only have one PDP open at a time.

After May 31st your PDP will have a “closed” status which means you can no longer complete it. You will only have access to a “read-only summary” at that time. Click here (link to non-compliance with QA requirements policy) for more information about what happens if you have incomplete QA requirements.

Self Assessment (SA)

Your practice is defined as clinical if you are seeing at least one client during the current registration year.

Yes. As long as you mark a SA complete, you will be able to access a new SA. Registrants are encouraged to complete a new SA any time there is a change to their role or scope of practice.

Once you complete your SA the status will return to “Not Started” to allow you to complete any additional SAs if you choose to do so. Provided your “Last Completed” date and “Due Date” are correct, you have met your requirement.

Additional Quality Assurance program resources

For more information about the Quality Assurance Program please view the following resource: