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Top 5 Myths about the College’s Peer and Practice Assessment (PPA)

Myth 01

Myth 01: My registration will be taken away as a result of participating in a peer and practice assessment.

No, this is not the case. The peer and practice assessment provides an opportunity for the registrant to engage in a reflective process about their knowledge, skills and judgment and identify opportunities for learning and practice improvements. Using a coaching model, the peer assessor provides immediate feedback on areas for improvement.

Myth 02
Myth 02: There is one right answer.

There is no “right answer”. The peer assessor asks the registrant case-based and situation-based questions and questions about the registrant’s clinical records.

The peer assessor is seeking information about how the registrant uses conscious decision-making and their knowledge skills and judgment to make informed decisions. The peer assessor is also assessing how the registrant applies the Competencies and the Standards of Practice.

Myth 03
Myth 03: The peer assessor knows everything about the registrant.

The peer assessor only knows what the registrant has shared. The documents submitted by the registrant prior to their peer and practice assessment provide information about the registrant’s current role and scope of practice.

Myth 04
Myth 04: The peer assessor is the decision-maker.

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) makes the decisions. The peer assessor writes a report based on their assessment. This report is provided to the QAC for their review and decision-making. The registrant has the opportunity to provide additional information or comments about the report before it is reviewed by the QAC.

Myth 05
Myth 05: The peer assessor is the expert and the registrant is not.

There is no “expert” in the peer assessment process as it is a supportive, non-punitive interaction between the registrant and the peer assessor. The peer assessor assesses the registrant’s knowledge, skills and judgment and provides coaching and resources as appropriate.