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Culture, Equity, & Justice in Occupational Therapy Practice

Learning More: Additional Resources

This page contains a list of recommended resources to support occupational therapists as they continue to learn about culture, equity, and justice.

Please note that this list is far from exhaustive. Occupational therapists are encouraged to engage in critical reflexivity when determining where to direct their future learning.

Resources for the Practice of Occupational Therapy

This list contains resources that occupational therapists can access for additional information to support their practice.  It is organized into resources developed at provincial, national, and international levels.




Resources for Continued Learning

This list contains resources to help occupational therapists deepen their understanding of topics discussed in the Culture, Equity, & Justice practice document.

Understanding Intersectionality

Understanding & Challenging Oppression and Injustice

Uncovering Bias

Cultural Safety & Humility


Indigenous Rights

Truth & Reconciliation Health & Healthcare Land & Territorial Acknowledgements Additional Learning


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