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Client Suicidal Ideation and Privacy


Trixie, an occupational therapist (OT), received a referral for a home safety assessment for an 85-year-old client, Mr. Porter.  The referral came through the rehabilitation company she works for, which was contracted by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to provide services in the region. Trixie met with Mr. Porter and completed an initial assessment in the presence of his companion of 10 years. Following her initial assessment, Trixie made several safety and equipment recommendations and planned a follow-up visit—once all the equipment was delivered—to provide education and make sure Mr. Porter was able to use the equipment safely.

Trixie was notified by the vendor that all the equipment had been delivered and installed, then called Mr. Porter to book the follow-up visit.  When she arrived at Mr. Porter’s home, he answered the door and seemed surprised to see her. Trixie noticed Mr. Porter appeared unkempt and dishevelled. Mr. Porter said he had forgotten about their meeting; however, he agreed to the follow-up visit...CONTINUE READING.

Case Archive

Obtaining Informed Consent for an Incapable Client When an SDM is not Available (January 2018) Client Suicidal Ideation and Privacy (February 2018)


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