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The College promotes continued competency and education among occupational therapists by offering resources to support every day practice. See our featured case studies and scenarios with real examples to guide OTs in their practice and help OTs deliver safe, effective and ethical care.

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Crossing the Line? Managing Personal and Professional Interests 

Saul is an occupational therapist (OT) who's started a private practice in home care. His spouse, Neil, owns a health care supply store. Saul’s client Soji needs several assistive devices, but is concerned about the cost of the devices. Out of concern, Saul arranges for Soji to receive a discount at Neil’s store. Soji agrees to buy the devices if the discount will be applied...CONTINUE READING

Case Archive

January 2018 (English | French)
Obtaining Informed Consent for an Incapable Client When an SDM is not Available 

February 2018 (English | French)
Client Suicidal Ideation and Privacy

March 2018 (English | French)
Forms, Record Keeping and Accountability

April 2018 (English | French)
Discontinuing Occupational Therapy Services

May 2018 (English | French)
Obtaining Consent from a Minor 

July 2018 (English | French)
Conflicting Opinions – Professional Obligations for OT Reports

September 2018 (English)
How to Apply the Conscious Decision-Making Framework

November 2018 (English)
Crossing the Line? Managing Personal and Professional Interests


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